Friday, December 18, 2009

First Kitten Weigh-In

Target weight: At least 800g per kitten. They go back to the SPCA for spaying and adoption only when the littlest is 800g. I shall weigh them weekly, using the extremely scientific measure of a kitchen scale with a big Pyrex bowl on top.

Mr Tabby & White: 545g
Miss Black & White: 625g
Miss Grey: 515g
Mr Tabby: 500g
When I went to pick up Mr Tabby he was busy killing a toy mouse and went SPAZ at me. Apologies, Mr Tabby. I do feel sorry for that toy mouse, who used to be Pearl's; I call him Mr Spiegelman because of all he's suffered.

Today's Awards
Best Eater, Drinker, Defecator & Urinator: Miss Grey
Best Climber & Most Courageous While Having Poo Washed Off Her Tail In The Sink: Miss Black & White
Best Snuggler: Mr Tabby & White
Best Resemblance to a Teddy Bear: Mr Tabby.

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