Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A shitty visit

Yes, every post in this blog is about faeces.
This afternoon, my mother and sister came over to see me, and brought me a Jelly-Tip icecream, which was nice, but nothing else about the visit was nice, because:
1. On their way up the path they failed to see the large lump of dogshit some godforsaken animal had deposited there and trampled right through it, BOTH OF THEM, and tracked it into my house, including over the living-room carpet.
2. Then they sat and played with the kittens while I cleaned up shit. Someone (probably Teddy) had crapped in the bedding towel so my mother thought it would be helpful to throw it out the window and I had to go outside to get it, which is how I discovered the trampled shit. Thank God, I did not step in it.
3. Then while they were 'watching' the kittens Benjamin pissed in the corner and Roxy used the litterbox and kicked half the poo over the side onto the floor, so I had to clean THAT up as well.

I said to my mother, 'If I'm ever at home with a new baby, and you come to visit, can you try not to walk through shit on your way in?'
Goddamn it, she came over ostensibly to get some herbs from my garden for her Christmas stuffing and I don't think she even picked any! I'll have to phone her. Normally I like a visit from my family, but this was nothing but stress and bad smells from beginning to end. I can't stop thinking I smell shit everywhere now. I have to hire a Rug Doctor once the kittens are big enough to move to a different room for a couple of hours.

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