Friday, December 18, 2009

Pick-and-mix kittens!

I had my orientation today and afterwards took home four foster kittens! They are so pretty and cute that I just giggle looking at them.
Okay, more maturely now:
I have two boy kittens and two girls. They are all about the same age, 4/5 weeks, but they are not related - they were assembled from 'singles' to form a litter. They are very, VERY sweet. I haven't chosen their names yet, so here are descriptions (mugshots to follow):
Tabby and White Boy: Was the most energetic in the car on the way home, persistently climbing up the sides of the cage and mewing at me to let him out. After about twenty minutes the others had resigned themselves to their fate and settled down for a zizz, but Mr T&W held out for a good ten minutes more.
Tabby Boy: OH MY GOSH he is so stocky and round it is ADORABLE. He waddles a little bit. I think he's going to have a really beautiful solid brown tabby coat when he grows up.
Grey Girl: Is currently behind the study/kittenarium armchair, with a toy mouse, making ferocious growling noises as she kills it. Has been doing this for at least three minutes.
Black and White Girl: Is fluffier than the others, and hasn't distinguished herself by unusual behaviour yet.

Since I got them home - it's about a forty-five minute drive between my home and the SPCA, so I'm glad nobody needed to wee or poo before we got here - I've let them out of their cage in the kittenarium with the door closed (of course) and am just letting them nose around and get the lay of the land. I have set out their litter box, water bowl and some food, and I hope they find all of these at the appropriate times!
Now I really want some lunch.

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