Monday, December 21, 2009

Poo and more poo

Now I don't mind them turding up the litterbox in the night, that's understandable - but this poo on the carpet business will not stand. Please, off-roading poo kittens, catch on. Fortunately I am now armed with disinfectant wipes from yesterday's shopping trip, so cleaning up the poo is fairly easy and disposable. There was poo on the towel they sleep on, too, so that went into a bucket to soak with oxygen powder and Dettol, like a human baby's nappy. It's a good thing the towel was brown to begin with.
So how is everyone?
Roxy has decided that she likes chicken after all.
Iris is still the smartest and an excellent litterbox role model.
Benjamin is getting interested in the door to the outside world.
Teddy gave me a fright this morning when his right eye appeared to be swollen shut. Aargh, aargh, have to drive him to Mangere, aargh, aargh, what if the vet puts him down, aargh, aargh, can't phone the foster co-ordinator before nine, it would be SO RUDE. But then when I was gently parting the fur around his eye to get a good look, the eyelids peeled apart and he was fine. He was just gummed up with sleep. Oh Teddy, you are a Special Needs Kitten.
I haven't heard back from the blinds and screens people yet - hope I do before Christmas, although it's looking unlikely. Soon I will need to leave the kittens for longer periods of time - on Christmas Eve I have a lot of baking to do, Christmas Day, obviously - present opening in the morning, picnic in the middle of the day, dinner in the evening. On the 27th, we're taking my recently deceased grandmother's ashes out to Stanmore Bay to scatter and I think that will be a day trip. Hope they don't mind.

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