Friday, December 18, 2009

First pictures of kittens

You'll just have to forgive me for the fact that I am not an excellent photographer of cats and kittens. As soon as I get close enough to take a good picture, it seems, the animal moves, or comes over to smell me and say hi, and it's just unsatisfactory. However, as they have gotten sleepy and piled up for a zizz, here are my new foster kittens! They don't have names yet so I am just referring to them by their colours.

This is Miss Grey. She is very alert and a little bit goggle-eyed. I think she is a goblin.

Miss Black & White likes to climb and perch. Although they are all short-haired kittens, Miss Black & White has a sort of nimbus of longer hairs poking through her coat. Her whiskers are curly!

This is Mister Tabby. Contrary to appearances, he is not dead - he was sleeping and I moved his head to show his face and he did this awful thing with his eyes. This picture doesn't make it clear, due to the angle, but he has a really high, round forehead and looks like a little teddy bear.

And this is Mr Tabby & White, the warmest kitten in the house.

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  1. OMG they're the cutest things in the wide world! I just want to smoosh their little faces and make silly noises at them!