Saturday, December 19, 2009


At the moment, the kittens are not big enough to jump onto the windowsill in the Kittenarium, so I can safely leave the windows open to ventilate and cool the room. However, soon they will get bigger and I don't want any escapes! Just not opening the window is really not an option, especially in January (very warm in Auckland), so I'm looking into this: temporary flyscreens. I bet they also work as kittenscreens. I've requested a free measure and quote, and hopefully the Venluree guy can install them in such a way that they can be removed without damaging the window frame - perhaps with something like 3M Command adhesive strips. As this is a rented flat, I don't want to attach anything permanently.
The kittens passed the night successfully and thoroughly enjoyed their breakfast (two Whiskas kitten food pouches between the four of them). I suspect that whoever pooed on my book last night may also have weed on the armchair seat where they all sleep, because I was sitting on it earlier and when I got up there was a damp patch on my pants. I have put an old towel down, both to soak up any dampness that is already there and protect against any future accidents. (It's already an old armchair and somewhat tatty - that's why it's in the kitten room.)
Later this afternoon or evening my friend Nadia may be coming round, and as she is a good photographer we should be able to get some really good pictures of the little ones.
Naming progress: Mr Tabby & White is now Benjamin. Mr Tabby is Teddy (but I am not sure yet whether he is Theodore or Edward for long - I'm inclining towards Theodore as it is a more chubby name). I am not sure about the girls yet but I think one of them might be a Roxy.

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