Sunday, December 20, 2009

Names and Poo

The official names of the composite litter are:
Miss Grey: Iris
Miss Black & White: Roxy
Mr Tabby: Teddy
Mr Tabby & White: Benjamin
During the night, the kittens turned into poo machines and not only loaded up the litterbox, but also deposited a few little curls of turd on the carpet. Now I'm not mad, I can clean (and will, later today), but I am a little concerned, because they all need to learn proper toilet behaviour. Hopefully the rest of them will observe Iris' example, as she is an excellent litterbox user. Benjamin is remedial; he actually crouched and soiled the carpet while I was watching (so I quickly put him into the litterbox in hope that he would have a Hellen Keller W-A-T-E-R moment).
Roxy decided to make me worry last night by not eating her dinner, but she doesn't seem at all ill - bright clear eyes, plenty of energy - so I'll just keep that under observation. Teddy is just jim-dandy, and terribly sweet.
Today I need to go to the supermarket for more of this magical crystalline litter, which really does wonders in terms of odour, and later on, move the kittens into the bathroom while I spray and vacuum the carpet in their room. I wish I had a bathroom big enough to be their room for the duration, because wiping lino clean is a lot easier than cleaning carpet, but it just isn't, and it wouldn't be sanitary or safe to keep them in the kitchen, and the laundry doesn't have a door you can close. Also, in life beyond kittens, I want to pop into my parents' place to add my personal decorations to their Christmas tree.
Oh hey! Iris is using the litterbox right now as I type. She is such a smart girl. And Roxy is having a drink of water, so at least she's hydrated.

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